Actions view left right Icon
Pack: NuoveXT
Author: Alexandre Moore Saki
License: icon/System/NuoveXT/license.txt
Icons in pack: 352 icons
Maxmuim size available: 128px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "Actions view left right" Icon

Actions view split left right Icon

Actions view split left right

actions view split left right Icon

actions view split left right

left-right Icon


View Left Right Icon

View Left Right

View to the right Icon

View to the right

gesture_drag left-right Icon

gesture_drag left-right

gesture_4f-drag-left-right Icon


gesture_5f-drag-left-right Icon


View left (suspended) Icon

View left (suspended)

View Right Icon

View Right

View left right Icon

View left right

Action view left right Icon

Action view left right

Actions view right close Icon

Actions view right close

Actions view right new Icon

Actions view right new

actions view right close Icon

actions view right close

actions view right new Icon

actions view right new

Actions view right Icon

Actions view right

Actions view left close Icon

Actions view left close

actions view left close Icon

actions view left close

gesture_2f-drag-left-right-38 Icon


gesture_2f-drag-left-right-54 Icon


View Icon


Left left Icon

Left left

Right right Icon

Right right

left Icon


left Icon


Left Icon


left Icon


Left Icon


Filesystems folder print Icon

Filesystems folder print

Other Icons in the Pack of "NuoveXT"

Actions arrow down Icon

Actions arrow down

Actions arrow down bottom Icon

Actions arrow down bottom

Actions arrow right end Icon

Actions arrow right end

Actions arrow left Icon

Actions arrow left

Actions arrow left end Icon

Actions arrow left end

Actions arrow left fast rewind Icon

Actions arrow left fast rewind

Actions arrow right fast forward Icon

Actions arrow right fast forward

Actions arrow right Icon

Actions arrow right

Actions arrow up eject Icon

Actions arrow up eject

Actions arrow up Icon

Actions arrow up

Actions arrow up top Icon

Actions arrow up top

Actions bookmark add Icon

Actions bookmark add

Actions colorize Icon

Actions colorize

Actions build Icon

Actions build

Actions button cancel Icon

Actions button cancel

Actions bookmark Icon

Actions bookmark

Actions configure Icon

Actions configure

Actions contact date Icon

Actions contact date

Actions edit add Icon

Actions edit add

Actions edit copy Icon

Actions edit copy

Actions edit paste Icon

Actions edit paste

Actions exec Icon

Actions exec

Actions edit Icon

Actions edit

Actions editcut Icon

Actions editcut

Actions file new Icon

Actions file new

Actions exit Icon

Actions exit

Actions file close Icon

Actions file close

Actions file find Icon

Actions file find

Actions find Icon

Actions find

Actions floppy save Icon

Actions floppy save

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