Actions colorize Icon
Pack: NuoveXT
Author: Alexandre Moore Saki
License: icon/System/NuoveXT/license.txt
Icons in pack: 352 icons
Maxmuim size available: 128px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "Actions colorize" Icon

colorize Icon


Colorize Icon


Colorize Icon


Statistics of disciplinary actions Icon

Statistics of disciplinary actions

actions Icon


Actions bookmark Icon

Actions bookmark

Actions clipboard Icon

Actions clipboard

Actions close Icon

Actions close

Actions cut Icon

Actions cut

Actions dvd Icon

Actions dvd

Actions plus Icon

Actions plus

Actions remove Icon

Actions remove

Actions search Icon

Actions search

Actions spam Icon

Actions spam

Actions stop Icon

Actions stop

Actions chronometer Icon

Actions chronometer

Actions configure Icon

Actions configure

Actions flag Icon

Actions flag

Actions fork Icon

Actions fork

Actions quickopen Icon

Actions quickopen

Actions rating Icon

Actions rating

Actions roll Icon

Actions roll

Actions speaker Icon

Actions speaker

Actions properties Icon

Actions properties

Actions tag Icon

Actions tag

Actions cut Icon

Actions cut

Actions filenew Icon

Actions filenew

Actions filesave Icon

Actions filesave

Actions find Icon

Actions find

Filesystems folder print Icon

Filesystems folder print

Other Icons in the Pack of "NuoveXT"

Filesystems folder print Icon

Filesystems folder print

Filesystems ftp Icon

Filesystems ftp

Filesystems hd linux Icon

Filesystems hd linux

Filesystems hd windows Icon

Filesystems hd windows

Filesystems hd Icon

Filesystems hd

Filesystems hd2 black Icon

Filesystems hd2 black

Filesystems lock overlay Icon

Filesystems lock overlay

Filesystems www Icon

Filesystems www

Folder black Icon

Folder black

Folder blue Icon

Folder blue

Folder debian Icon

Folder debian

Folder development hammer Icon

Folder development hammer

Folder documents Icon

Folder documents

Folder favorites Icon

Folder favorites

Folder green Icon

Folder green

Folder html Icon

Folder html

Folder images 2 Icon

Folder images 2

Folder images Icon

Folder images

Folder linux Icon

Folder linux

Folder locked Icon

Folder locked

Folder movies Icon

Folder movies

Folder music 2 Icon

Folder music 2

Folder music Icon

Folder music

Folder orange Icon

Folder orange

Folder photos Icon

Folder photos

Folder pink Icon

Folder pink

Folder print Icon

Folder print

Folder red Icon

Folder red

Folder tar Icon

Folder tar

Folder ubuntu Icon

Folder ubuntu

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