Folder Generic Silver Icon
Pack: Soft Scraps
Author: Jojo Mendoza Deleket
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 150 icons
Maxmuim size available: 256px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "Folder Generic Silver" Icon

Folder Silver Icon

Folder Silver

Silver Surfer Icon

Silver Surfer

Folder Attempt Generic Dark Icon

Folder Attempt Generic Dark

Folder Attempt Generic Icon

Folder Attempt Generic

Generic Icon


generic Icon


Aluminum folder   generic Icon

Aluminum folder generic

Folder Generic Icon

Folder Generic

Folder Generic Icon

Folder Generic

Generic Folder Icon

Generic Folder

Folder Generic Icon

Folder Generic

folder generic Icon

folder generic

Ic_ folder Icon

Ic_ folder

Silver Folder Icon

Silver Folder

Folder-1 Icon


Folder-Tree Icon


Games-Folder Icon


Hiden-Folder Icon


Time-Folder Icon


Load-Folder Icon


Cloud-Folder Icon


Network-Folder Icon


Open-Folder Icon


Music-Folder Icon


Question-Folder Icon


Refresh-Folder Icon


List-Folder Icon


Picture-Folder Icon


Remouve-Folder Icon


Soft loading Icon

Soft loading

Sail soft Icon

Sail soft

Soft furnishings Icon

Soft furnishings

Soft Wen promotion Icon

Soft Wen promotion

Viscosity soft measurement Icon

Viscosity soft measurement

Soft measurement of acid value Icon

Soft measurement of acid value

Soft heart biscuits Icon

Soft heart biscuits

Soft drink Icon

Soft drink

Red Soft Icon

Red Soft

Soft drink Icon

Soft drink

Soft hair retractable cosmetic brush Icon

Soft hair retractable cosmetic brush

Document Microsoft Excel Icon

Document Microsoft Excel

Document Microsoft PowerPoint Icon

Document Microsoft PowerPoint

Document Microsoft Word Icon

Document Microsoft Word

Address Book Icon

Address Book

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Document Icon

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Document

Adobe PDF Document Icon

Adobe PDF Document

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Document Icon

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Document

Battery Icon


Binoculars Icon


Book Icon


Briefcase Icon


Button Add Icon

Button Add

Button Blank Blue Icon

Button Blank Blue

Button Blank Gray Icon

Button Blank Gray

Button Blank Green Icon

Button Blank Green

Button Blank Red Icon

Button Blank Red

Button Blank Yellow Icon

Button Blank Yellow

Button Cancel Icon

Button Cancel

Button Close Icon

Button Close

Other Icons in the Pack of "Soft Scraps"

Folder Generic Red Icon

Folder Generic Red

My Music Icon

My Music

My Ebooks Icon

My Ebooks

My Documents Icon

My Documents

Lock Unlock Icon

Lock Unlock

Lock Lock Icon

Lock Lock

Image TIFF Icon

Image TIFF

Image PNG Icon

Image PNG

Image JPEG Icon

Image JPEG

Image GIF Icon

Image GIF

Image BMP Icon

Image BMP

Highlighter Yellow Icon

Highlighter Yellow

Highlighter Green Icon

Highlighter Green

Highlighter Blue Icon

Highlighter Blue

Gear Icon


Games Icon


Folder Icon


Folder RAR Icon

Folder RAR

Folder Open Icon

Folder Open

File Video MPEG Icon

File Video MPEG

File Audio WMA Icon

File Audio WMA

File Audio Icon

File Audio

File Delete Icon

File Delete

File History Icon

File History

File New Icon

File New

File Open Icon

File Open

File Video 3GP Icon

File Video 3GP

File Video AVI Icon

File Video AVI

File Video MOV Icon

File Video MOV

Folder Generic Blue Icon

Folder Generic Blue

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