File Win Icon
Pack: Phuzion
Author: Asher Kyo-Tux
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 150 icons
Maxmuim size available: 256px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "File Win" Icon

win Icon


File Icon


win-icon Icon


123-win Icon


Icon win Icon

Icon win

file Icon


File-file-1 Icon


File-file-2 Icon


Deleted-file Icon


Downloaded file Icon

Downloaded file

Compiled-file Icon


File-cloud Icon


File-minus Icon


File-done Icon


File-plus Icon


Protected-file Icon


Selected-file Icon


Uploaded-file Icon


File file transfer Icon

File file transfer

File - file lookup Icon

File - file lookup

File - send file Icon

File - send file

File - file upload Icon

File - file upload

File - file recall Icon

File - file recall

xlsx win Icon

xlsx win

pptx win Icon

pptx win

docx win Icon

docx win

File - file level Icon

File - file level

File - file link Icon

File - file link

File Icon


Applic Address Book Icon

Applic Address Book

Applic Antivirus Icon

Applic Antivirus

Applic BitComet Icon

Applic BitComet

Applic Command Icon

Applic Command

Applic Firewall Icon

Applic Firewall

Applic iChat Icon

Applic iChat

Applic iTunes Icon

Applic iTunes

Applic Java Icon

Applic Java

Applic Miranda Icon

Applic Miranda

Applic Notepad Icon

Applic Notepad

Applic Opera Icon

Applic Opera

Applic Paint Icon

Applic Paint

Applic PS Icon

Applic PS

Applic Quicktime Icon

Applic Quicktime

Applic VLC Icon

Applic VLC

Applic Winamp Icon

Applic Winamp

Applic WLM Icon

Applic WLM

Applic WMP 11 Icon

Applic WMP 11

Applic WMP Icon

Applic WMP

Applic YM Icon

Applic YM

Device Camera Icon

Device Camera

Device Computer Icon

Device Computer

Device Floppy Icon

Device Floppy

Device Gaming Pad Icon

Device Gaming Pad

Device Headphones Icon

Device Headphones

Device iPod Icon

Device iPod

Device Laptop 2 Icon

Device Laptop 2

Device Laptop Icon

Device Laptop

Device Printer Icon

Device Printer

Device PSP Icon

Device PSP

Other Icons in the Pack of "Phuzion"

Folder Light Video Icon

Folder Light Video

Misc Maintenance Icon

Misc Maintenance

Misc Mail Icon

Misc Mail

Misc Help Icon

Misc Help

Misc Graphics Icon

Misc Graphics

Misc Games Icon

Misc Games

Misc Fav Icon

Misc Fav

Misc Fav 2 Icon

Misc Fav 2

Misc Edit Icon

Misc Edit

Misc Download Icon

Misc Download

Misc Database Icon

Misc Database

Misc Chat Icon

Misc Chat

Misc Calender Icon

Misc Calender

Misc Burn Icon

Misc Burn

Misc Bug Icon

Misc Bug

Misc Box Icon

Misc Box

Misc Apps Icon

Misc Apps

Folder Light Win Icon

Folder Light Win

Folder Light Web Icon

Folder Light Web

Folder Light Fav Alt Icon

Folder Light Fav Alt

Folder Blue Tools Icon

Folder Blue Tools

Folder Blue Video Icon

Folder Blue Video

Folder Blue Web Icon

Folder Blue Web

Folder Blue Win Icon

Folder Blue Win

Folder Light Apple Icon

Folder Light Apple

Folder Light Apps Icon

Folder Light Apps

Folder Light Audio Icon

Folder Light Audio

Folder Light Documents Icon

Folder Light Documents

Folder Light Download Icon

Folder Light Download

Folder Light System Icon

Folder Light System

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