Sticky Icon
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Pack: Koloria
Author: Andy Gongea Graphic Rating
License: icon.update/System/Koloria/license.txt
Icons in pack: 165 icons
Maxmuim size available: 32px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "Sticky" Icon

Sticky Icon


Sticky Icon


Sticky Notes Icon

Sticky Notes

sticky tape Icon

sticky tape

Note Sticky Icon

Note Sticky

Sticky Note Icon

Sticky Note

Sticky Note Icon

Sticky Note

Old Sticky Icon

Old Sticky

sticky note Icon

sticky note

sticky notes Icon

sticky notes

Sticky Notes Icon

Sticky Notes

Sticky note Icon

Sticky note

Old Sticky 2 Icon

Old Sticky 2

sticky note pencil Icon

sticky note pencil

blue document sticky note Icon

blue document sticky note

blue folder sticky note Icon

blue folder sticky note

document sticky note Icon

document sticky note

folder sticky note Icon

folder sticky note

notebook sticky note Icon

notebook sticky note

receipt sticky note Icon

receipt sticky note

sticky note arrow Icon

sticky note arrow

sticky note exclamation Icon

sticky note exclamation

sticky note medium Icon

sticky note medium

sticky note minus Icon

sticky note minus

sticky note pin Icon

sticky note pin

sticky note plus Icon

sticky note plus

sticky note shred Icon

sticky note shred

sticky note small pin Icon

sticky note small pin

sticky note small Icon

sticky note small

Add Symbol Icon

Add Symbol

Other Icons in the Pack of "Koloria"

Add Icon


Application Blueprint Icon

Application Blueprint

Application Design Icon

Application Design

Add Symbol Icon

Add Symbol

Apps Icon


Archive Icon


Blackboard 2 Icon

Blackboard 2

Blackboard Icon


Blocknotes 2 Icon

Blocknotes 2

Blocknotes Blue Icon

Blocknotes Blue

Book Icon


Blueprint Icon


Blueprint Website Icon

Blueprint Website

Blueprint Blog Icon

Blueprint Blog

Blocknotes Icon


Bookmark Icon


Button Last Icon

Button Last

Button First Icon

Button First

Button FastForward Icon

Button FastForward

Button Down Icon

Button Down

Button Back Icon

Button Back

Box Icon


Button Next Icon

Button Next

Button Play Pause Icon

Button Play Pause

Button Rec Icon

Button Rec

Button Rewind Icon

Button Rewind

Button Shuffle Icon

Button Shuffle

Button Stop Icon

Button Stop

Button Sync Icon

Button Sync

Button Up Icon

Button Up

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