LHS Standby Icon
Pack: I Like Buttons
Author: Mazenl77
License: icon/System/I Like Buttons/permission.txt
Icons in pack: 126 icons
Maxmuim size available: 128px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "LHS Standby" Icon

Standby Icon


Standby Icon


LHS Config Icon

LHS Config

LHS Favorites Icon

LHS Favorites

LHS Menu Icon

LHS Menu

LHS Next Icon

LHS Next

LHS Pause Icon

LHS Pause

LHS Play Icon

LHS Play

LHS Previous Icon

LHS Previous

LHS Restart Icon

LHS Restart

LHS Screensaver Icon

LHS Screensaver

LHS Shutdown Icon

LHS Shutdown

LHS Start Icon

LHS Start

LHS Stop Icon

LHS Stop

Orbital standby Icon

Orbital standby

Aqua Standby Icon

Aqua Standby

EZ Standby Icon

EZ Standby

LH1 Standby Icon

LH1 Standby

LH2 Standby Icon

LH2 Standby

NN Standby Icon

NN Standby

NX1 Standby Icon

NX1 Standby

NX2 Standby Icon

NX2 Standby

Style Standby Icon

Style Standby

Sign StandBy Icon

Sign StandBy

sys standby Icon

sys standby



Standby settings Icon

Standby settings

LHS Switch User Icon

LHS Switch User

Other Power Standby Metro Icon

Other Power Standby Metro

like Icon


Other Icons in the Pack of "I Like Buttons"

EZ Favorites Icon

EZ Favorites

Style Switch User Icon

Style Switch User

LH1 Favorites Icon

LH1 Favorites

LH1 Config Icon

LH1 Config

EZ Switch User Icon

EZ Switch User

EZ Stop Icon

EZ Stop

EZ Start Icon

EZ Start

EZ Standby Icon

EZ Standby

EZ Shutdown Icon

EZ Shutdown

EZ Screensaver Icon

EZ Screensaver

EZ Restart Icon

EZ Restart

EZ Previous Icon

EZ Previous

EZ Play Icon

EZ Play

EZ Pause Icon

EZ Pause

EZ Next Icon

EZ Next

EZ Menu Icon

EZ Menu

Aqua Config Icon

Aqua Config

EZ Config Icon

EZ Config

Aqua Switch User Icon

Aqua Switch User

Aqua Stop Icon

Aqua Stop

Aqua Start Icon

Aqua Start

Aqua Standby Icon

Aqua Standby

Aqua Shutdown Icon

Aqua Shutdown

Aqua Screensaver Icon

Aqua Screensaver

Aqua Restart Icon

Aqua Restart

Aqua Previous Icon

Aqua Previous

Aqua Play Icon

Aqua Play

Aqua Pause Icon

Aqua Pause

Aqua Next Icon

Aqua Next

Aqua Menu Icon

Aqua Menu

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