File Types SystemConfiguration Icon
Pack: Ginux
Author: Asher Kyo-Tux
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 86 icons
Maxmuim size available: 64px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "File Types SystemConfiguration" Icon

File Icon


file Icon


File-file-1 Icon


File-file-2 Icon


Deleted-file Icon


Downloaded file Icon

Downloaded file

Compiled-file Icon


File-cloud Icon


File-minus Icon


File-done Icon


File-plus Icon


Protected-file Icon


Selected-file Icon


Uploaded-file Icon


File file transfer Icon

File file transfer

File - file lookup Icon

File - file lookup

File - send file Icon

File - send file

File - file upload Icon

File - file upload

File - file recall Icon

File - file recall

File types Icon

File types

File - file level Icon

File - file level

File - file link Icon

File - file link

File statistics Icon

File statistics

File playlist Icon

File playlist

File schedule Icon

File schedule

File folder Icon

File folder

file Icon


file Icon


file-add Icon


Start Menu Undock Icon

Start Menu Undock

Start Menu Taskbar Settings StartMen Icon

Start Menu Taskbar Settings StartMen

Start Menu Settings ControlPanel Icon

Start Menu Settings ControlPanel

Start Menu Set Program Access Defaults Icon

Start Menu Set Program Access Defaults

Start Menu Search Icon

Start Menu Search

Start Menu Run Icon

Start Menu Run

Start Menu Prorgrams Icon

Start Menu Prorgrams

Start Menu Printer Icon

Start Menu Printer

Start Menu Internet Icon

Start Menu Internet

Start Menu Help Icon

Start Menu Help

Start Menu Favorite Icon

Start Menu Favorite

Start Menu E Mail Icon

Start Menu E Mail

Network Workgroup Icon

Network Workgroup

Network URL History Icon

Network URL History

Network Sharing Overlay Icon

Network Sharing Overlay

Network Network Drive Icon

Network Network Drive

Network Network Drive Offline Icon

Network Network Drive Offline

Network Network Connections Icon

Network Network Connections

Network Folder Web Icon

Network Folder Web

Network Folder FTP Icon

Network Folder FTP

Network Computer Icon

Network Computer

Network Entire Network Icon

Network Entire Network

Network ActiveX Cache Icon

Network ActiveX Cache

Folders Video Icon

Folders Video

Folders Scheduled Tasks Icon

Folders Scheduled Tasks

Folders Scanner Icon

Folders Scanner

Folders Program Group Icon

Folders Program Group

Folders Printer Icon

Folders Printer

Folders Pictures Icon

Folders Pictures

Folders Opened Icon

Folders Opened

Other Icons in the Pack of "Ginux"

Desktop Desktop Icon

Desktop Desktop

Desktop Internet Explorer Icon

Desktop Internet Explorer

Desktop Briefcase Icon

Desktop Briefcase

Desktop RecycleBin Empty Icon

Desktop RecycleBin Empty

Desktop My Computer Icon

Desktop My Computer

Desktop My Documents Icon

Desktop My Documents

Desktop Outlook Icon

Desktop Outlook

Desktop My Network Places Icon

Desktop My Network Places

Drives Audio Cd Icon

Drives Audio Cd

Drives Floppy Icon

Drives Floppy

Drives CD Icon

Drives CD

Desktop Shortcut Overlay Icon

Desktop Shortcut Overlay

Desktop RecycleBin Full Icon

Desktop RecycleBin Full

Drives HD Icon

Drives HD

Drives Network Drive Icon

Drives Network Drive

Drives RAM Drive Icon

Drives RAM Drive

Drives Network Drive Offline Icon

Drives Network Drive Offline

Drives Removable Icon

Drives Removable

Extras Address Book Icon

Extras Address Book

Extras Antivirus Icon

Extras Antivirus

Extras Backward Icon

Extras Backward

Extras Close Icon

Extras Close

Extras CUt Icon

Extras CUt

Extras Del Icon

Extras Del

Extras Down Icon

Extras Down

Extras Forward Icon

Extras Forward

Extras Battery Icon

Extras Battery

Extras Restart Icon

Extras Restart

Extras Security Icon

Extras Security

Extras Shutdown Icon

Extras Shutdown

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