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Pack: Academic work system
Author: yemeixian
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 65 icons
Maxmuim size available: 512px
Icon format available: SVG, PNG

Icons relevant to current "R" Icon

R Icon


R Icon


r Icon


Positioning - linear Icon

Positioning - linear

Linear Icon Icon

Linear Icon

linear Icon


Linear - choreography Icon

Linear - choreography

Linear - mark Icon

Linear - mark

Linear - View Icon

Linear - View

Linear - Print Icon

Linear - Print

Linear - derived Icon

Linear - derived

Linear - release Icon

Linear - release

Linear - Import Icon

Linear - Import

Linear - duplicate Icon

Linear - duplicate

Linear - off Icon

Linear - off

Linear - delete Icon

Linear - delete

Linear - on Icon

Linear - on

Linear - Upload Icon

Linear - Upload

Linear - refresh Icon

Linear - refresh

Linear generation Icon

Linear generation

Linear - submit Icon

Linear - submit

Linear - adjust Icon

Linear - adjust

Linear - off Icon

Linear - off

Linear - function Icon

Linear - function

Linear - Download Icon

Linear - Download

Linear - New Icon

Linear - New

Linear - modify Icon

Linear - modify

Backpack - linear Icon

Backpack - linear

Suitcase - linear Icon

Suitcase - linear

Academic work system Icon

Academic work system

Work study system setup Icon

Work study system setup

Academic warning Icon

Academic warning

Academic assessment Icon

Academic assessment

Academic planning Icon

Academic planning

Academic record Icon

Academic record

Academic degree Icon

Academic degree

Work order Icon

Work order

work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


system Icon


system Icon


Work order Icon

Work order

Work order Icon

Work order

system management Icon

system management

Work Kanban Icon

Work Kanban

Work report Icon

Work report

Work card Icon

Work card

Work summary Icon

Work summary

Work plan Icon

Work plan

Work report Icon

Work report

system Icon


system Icon


Routine work Icon

Routine work

Other Icons in the Pack of "Academic work system"

my_choosed Icon


message_choosed Icon


home_choosed Icon


activity_choosed Icon


Standard icon2-48 Icon

Standard icon2-48

Standard icon2-23 Icon

Standard icon2-23

Standard icon2-50 Icon

Standard icon2-50

Standard icon2-49 Icon

Standard icon2-49

Standard icon2-46 Icon

Standard icon2-46

Standard icon2-44 Icon

Standard icon2-44

Standard icon2-42 Icon

Standard icon2-42

Standard icon2-43 Icon

Standard icon2-43

Standard icon2-39 Icon

Standard icon2-39

Standard icon2-38 Icon

Standard icon2-38

Standard icon2-27 Icon

Standard icon2-27

Standard icon2-24 Icon

Standard icon2-24

Standard icon2-47 Icon

Standard icon2-47

Standard icon2-34 Icon

Standard icon2-34

Standard icon2-53 Icon

Standard icon2-53

Standard icon2-52 Icon

Standard icon2-52

Standard icon2-51 Icon

Standard icon2-51

Standard icon2-58 Icon

Standard icon2-58

Standard icon2-60 Icon

Standard icon2-60

Standard icon2-57 Icon

Standard icon2-57

Standard icon2-56 Icon

Standard icon2-56

Standard icon2-59 Icon

Standard icon2-59

Standard icon2-64 Icon

Standard icon2-64

Standard icon2-61 Icon

Standard icon2-61

Standard icon2-62 Icon

Standard icon2-62

Standard icon2-63 Icon

Standard icon2-63

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