Not opened Icon
Pack: Monochrome linear Icon
Author: zuozuozuo
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 74 icons
Maxmuim size available: 512px
Icon format available: SVG, PNG

Icons relevant to current "Not opened" Icon

Not love Icon

Not love

not-interested Icon


Not collected Icon

Not collected

Not interested Icon

Not interested

@2x not selected Icon

@2x not selected

Not logged in Icon

Not logged in

not -signed-vehicle Icon

not -signed-vehicle

not-signed-vehicle Icon


Do not disturb mode Icon

Do not disturb mode

72 music not Icon

72 music not

Document - statistics not evaluated Icon

Document - statistics not evaluated

Customer service (not selected) Icon

Customer service (not selected)

Do not view Icon

Do not view

Control not selected Icon

Control not selected

ICA icon not visible Icon

ICA icon not visible

Circle not selected Icon

Circle not selected

Square not selected Icon

Square not selected

Home page not selected Icon

Home page not selected

Explore not selected Icon

Explore not selected

Shopping cart not selected Icon

Shopping cart not selected

turned-in-not Icon


gps-not-fixed Icon


do-not-disturb Icon


do-not-disturb-off Icon


do-not-disturb-alt Icon


do-not-disturb-on Icon


code-not-equal Icon


code-not-equal-variant Icon


do-not-disturb-off Icon


Linear icon-04 copy Icon

Linear icon-04 copy

Monochrome sharing Icon

Monochrome sharing

Monochrome filter Icon

Monochrome filter

Monochrome customers Icon

Monochrome customers

Monochrome calendar Icon

Monochrome calendar

Monochrome modify Icon

Monochrome modify

Monochrome setting Icon

Monochrome setting

Monochrome summary Icon

Monochrome summary

Monochrome return Icon

Monochrome return

Monochrome close Icon

Monochrome close

Monochrome pack Icon

Monochrome pack

Monochrome expansion Icon

Monochrome expansion

Monochrome camera Icon

Monochrome camera

Send in monochrome Icon

Send in monochrome

Monochrome open eyes Icon

Monochrome open eyes

Backpack - linear Icon

Backpack - linear

Suitcase - linear Icon

Suitcase - linear

Accessories - linear Icon

Accessories - linear

Monochrome eyes closed Icon

Monochrome eyes closed

Monochrome expiration, alarm Icon

Monochrome expiration, alarm

Monochrome new customers Icon

Monochrome new customers

Icon? Coupon Icon

Icon? Coupon

Positioning - linear Icon

Positioning - linear

Monochrome more, arrow Icon

Monochrome more, arrow

Icon Icon


Monochrome about Icon

Monochrome about

monochrome-photos Icon


Linear icon - 48px - 1 personal Center - n Icon

Linear icon - 48px - 1 personal Center - n

Linear icon - 48px - 4 delete - n Icon

Linear icon - 48px - 4 delete - n

Linear icon - 48px - 3 share - n Icon

Linear icon - 48px - 3 share - n

Other Icons in the Pack of "Monochrome linear Icon"

Problem generating test paper Icon

Problem generating test paper

Analysis of learning situation Icon

Analysis of learning situation

Synchronous teaching plan Icon

Synchronous teaching plan

School-based question bank Icon

School-based question bank

My collection Icon

My collection

Boutique questions Icon

Boutique questions

Personal Center Icon

Personal Center

home page Icon

home page

Test paper Icon

Test paper

Manual test paper generation Icon

Manual test paper generation

DIY practice Icon

DIY practice

edit Icon


View back Icon

View back

Error book Icon

Error book

Chapter title Icon

Chapter title

Textbook selection Icon

Textbook selection

Class practice Icon

Class practice

calendar Icon


Preservation Icon


preview Icon


Test paper error Icon

Test paper error

Printing Icon


Class diagnosis Icon

Class diagnosis

Save as Icon

Save as

Combined class group Icon

Combined class group

Answer Icon


Answer card Icon

Answer card

rotate Icon


delete Icon


Reply to original picture Icon

Reply to original picture

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