Statistics_ Facet Icon
Pack: Tianyin smart campus PC platform Icon
Author: Dxx
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 91 icons
Maxmuim size available: 512px
Icon format available: SVG, PNG

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510 statistics_ Relation diagram Icon

510 statistics_ Relation diagram

513 statistics_ Funnel diagram Icon

513 statistics_ Funnel diagram

514 statistics_ Dashboard Icon

514 statistics_ Dashboard

500 statistics_ report form Icon

500 statistics_ report form

511 statistics_ Tree graph Icon

511 statistics_ Tree graph

502 statistics_ Line chart Icon

502 statistics_ Line chart

506 statistics_ Radar chart Icon

506 statistics_ Radar chart

508 statistics_ Box diagram Icon

508 statistics_ Box diagram

501 statistics_ Scatter view Icon

501 statistics_ Scatter view

504 statistics_ Map Icon

504 statistics_ Map

505 statistics_ Histogram Icon

505 statistics_ Histogram

512 statistics_ Sankey Icon

512 statistics_ Sankey

509 statistics_ Thermodynamic diagram Icon

509 statistics_ Thermodynamic diagram

503 statistics_ Pie chart Icon

503 statistics_ Pie chart

data statistics Icon

data statistics

Financial statistics Icon

Financial statistics

Personnel statistics Icon

Personnel statistics

Recruitment statistics Icon

Recruitment statistics

Statistics Icon


Directory facet Icon

Directory facet

Delete_ Facet Icon

Delete_ Facet

Substation_ Facet Icon

Substation_ Facet

Transmission_ Facet Icon

Transmission_ Facet

Picture_ Facet Icon

Picture_ Facet

Quantity_ Facet Icon

Quantity_ Facet

Time_ Facet Icon

Time_ Facet

Add_ Facet Icon

Add_ Facet

Facet editing Icon

Facet editing

Smart campus Icon

Smart campus

Smart campus Icon

Smart campus

Smart campus Icon

Smart campus

pc Icon


Campus consultation Icon

Campus consultation

Campus location Icon

Campus location

Smart campus backup 2 Icon

Smart campus backup 2

Campus security Icon

Campus security

campus Icon


campus Icon


campus Icon


PC Icon


pc Icon


pc Icon


pc Icon


pc Icon


PC Icon


pc Icon


Manage platform icon? Help Icon

Manage platform icon? Help

Manage platform icon notification Icon

Manage platform icon notification

Manage platform icon search Icon

Manage platform icon search

campus Icon


PC Icon


PC Icon


pc Icon


pc Icon


pc Icon


PC Icon


pc Icon


PC Icon


Other Icons in the Pack of "Tianyin smart campus PC platform Icon"

Performance management - multifaceted Icon

Performance management - multifaceted

Course selection - multifaceted Icon

Course selection - multifaceted

Teacher growth - multifaceted Icon

Teacher growth - multifaceted

Electronic official documents - versatility Icon

Electronic official documents - versatility

Class assessment - Comprehensive Icon

Class assessment - Comprehensive

Class attendance - General Icon

Class attendance - General

Items - Surface Icon

Items - Surface

Visitors - General Icon

Visitors - General

Attendance - General Icon

Attendance - General

Micro portal - faceted Icon

Micro portal - faceted

Intelligent management - multi faceted Icon

Intelligent management - multi faceted

Course Scheduling - multifaceted Icon

Course Scheduling - multifaceted

Student enrollment - face to face Icon

Student enrollment - face to face

Division - General Icon

Division - General

Red black list - versatility Icon

Red black list - versatility

Comprehensive quality - universality Icon

Comprehensive quality - universality

Communication between teachers and students Icon

Communication between teachers and students

Credits - General Icon

Credits - General

Test arrangement - universality Icon

Test arrangement - universality

Information release - universality Icon

Information release - universality

Teacher satisfaction - multifaceted Icon

Teacher satisfaction - multifaceted

School production appointment - face to face Icon

School production appointment - face to face

Electronic class card - face Icon

Electronic class card - face

Book rhyme reading - faceted Icon

Book rhyme reading - faceted

Incentive card - Surface Icon

Incentive card - Surface

Home page Icon

Home page

Course selection_ Facet Icon

Course selection_ Facet

Comprehensive quality_ Facet Icon

Comprehensive quality_ Facet

Intelligent lock_ linear Icon

Intelligent lock_ linear

Examine and approve_ linear Icon

Examine and approve_ linear

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