Folder white Icon
Pack: Fungiiiiiii
Author: Teekatas Suwannakrua
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 65 icons
Maxmuim size available: 256px
Icon format available: PNG

Icons relevant to current "Folder white" Icon

Folder white Icon

Folder white

Folder White Icon

Folder White

Folder white Icon

Folder white

Folder   White Icon

Folder White

Folder white Icon

Folder white

Folder White folder Icon

Folder White folder

folder white folder Icon

folder white folder

Folder White backup Icon

Folder White backup

Folder White bubble Icon

Folder White bubble

Folder White burn Icon

Folder White burn

Folder White Camera Photo Icon

Folder White Camera Photo

Folder White chrome Icon

Folder White chrome

Folder White computer Icon

Folder White computer

Folder White Customize Icon

Folder White Customize

Folder White Device Icon

Folder White Device

Folder White document 2 Icon

Folder White document 2

Folder White document Icon

Folder White document

Folder White favourite Icon

Folder White favourite

Folder White firefox Icon

Folder White firefox

Folder White HDD Icon

Folder White HDD

Folder White IE Icon

Folder White IE

Folder White music 2 Icon

Folder White music 2

Folder White music Icon

Folder White music

Folder White network Icon

Folder White network

Folder White opera Icon

Folder White opera

Folder White Optical Drive Icon

Folder White Optical Drive

Folder White Pictures Icon

Folder White Pictures

Folder White safari Icon

Folder White safari

Folder White video Icon

Folder White video

folder Icon


white Icon


White Pages Icon

White Pages

white-star Icon


white-qq Icon


white-paper Icon


White Apps Icon

White Apps

White Burn Icon

White Burn

White Desktop Icon

White Desktop

White Doc Icon

White Doc

White Download Icon

White Download

White Generic Icon

White Generic

White Group Icon

White Group

White Library Icon

White Library

White Movies Icon

White Movies

White Photos Icon

White Photos

White Public Icon

White Public

White Sites Icon

White Sites

White Smart Icon

White Smart

White TimeMachine Icon

White TimeMachine

White User Icon

White User

White Utility Icon

White Utility

White Yellow Icon

White Yellow

Folder Icon


ApplicationsFolderIcon White Icon

ApplicationsFolderIcon White

BurnableFolderIcon White Icon

BurnableFolderIcon White

DesktopFolderIcon White Icon

DesktopFolderIcon White

DeveloperFolderIcon White Icon

DeveloperFolderIcon White

DocumentsFolderIcon White Icon

DocumentsFolderIcon White

Other Icons in the Pack of "Fungiiiiiii"

Bubble Icon


Backup Icon


Camera Photo Icon

Camera Photo

Chrome Icon


Computer Icon


Control Panel Icon

Control Panel

Document 2 Icon

Document 2

Document Icon


Download Icon


Favourite Icon


Firefox Icon


Folder Red chrome Icon

Folder Red chrome

Folder Red Camera Photo Icon

Folder Red Camera Photo

Folder Red Backup Icon

Folder Red Backup

Flame Icon


Folder Red burn Icon

Folder Red burn

Folder Red Computer Icon

Folder Red Computer

Folder Red customize Icon

Folder Red customize

Folder Red Doc 2 Icon

Folder Red Doc 2

Folder Red doc Icon

Folder Red doc

Folder Red HDD Icon

Folder Red HDD

Folder Red Music Icon

Folder Red Music

Folder Red safari Icon

Folder Red safari

Folder Red pictures Icon

Folder Red pictures

Folder Red Optical drive Icon

Folder Red Optical drive

Folder Red Music Device Icon

Folder Red Music Device

Folder Red WIP Icon

Folder Red WIP

Folder red Icon

Folder red

Folder White backup Icon

Folder White backup

Folder White bubble Icon

Folder White bubble

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