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Pack: OA Office
Author: zuozuozuozuozuozuozuo
License: Free for personal and commercial purpose.
Icons in pack: 20 icons
Maxmuim size available: 512px
Icon format available: SVG, PNG

Icons relevant to current "work" Icon

work Icon


work Icon


work Icon


Work information Icon

Work information

work experience Icon

work experience

Work card Icon

Work card

Work order Icon

Work order

Work plan Icon

Work plan

Work order Icon

Work order

Work summary Icon

Work summary

Work plan Icon

Work plan

Work report Icon

Work report

team-work Icon


Work card Icon

Work card

group-work Icon


Work area Icon

Work area

Work order Icon

Work order

Routine work Icon

Routine work

Planning work Icon

Planning work

Cooperative work Icon

Cooperative work

Temporary work Icon

Temporary work

Coordination work Icon

Coordination work

Work order Icon

Work order

Work order Icon

Work order

Police work Icon

Police work

Work file Icon

Work file

work Icon


Work manual classification management Icon

Work manual classification management

Work manual filling Icon

Work manual filling

proof-of-work Icon


Work salary statistics Icon

Work salary statistics

Work study system setup Icon

Work study system setup

Grant work release Icon

Grant work release

02. Work content Icon

02. Work content

14. Deficiencies in work Icon

14. Deficiencies in work

06. Work completion Icon

06. Work completion

21. Work steps Icon

21. Work steps

Other Icons in the Pack of "OA Office"

Approval process Icon

Approval process

Document management Icon

Document management

Process configuration Icon

Process configuration

System operation statistics Icon

System operation statistics

information sharing Icon

information sharing

Query statistics Icon

Query statistics

Mail list Icon

Mail list

Document Center Icon

Document Center

management of meetings Icon

management of meetings

Personal things Icon

Personal things

Workbench Icon


home page Icon

home page

Achievements Icon


achievement Icon


Marketing Icon


mail Icon


Opinion Icon


time Icon


Seal approval Icon

Seal approval