iKon Leopard Folders Icon Pack contains 14 high quality icons as PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: bapesta folder, bbcastro folder, boardwalk folder, colorburst folder, colorflow folder, colorgroove folder, csflow folder, flowish folder, iswoosh folder, purplevelvet folder, retro folder, robotrock folder, sexycani folder, somethingboutit folder Icons.
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iKon Leopard Folders Icon

iKon Leopard Folders
Author :kon
HomePage :http://kon.deviantart.com
License :Free for personal non-commercial use, Includes a link back to author site. license.txt
Ico Files :Download as windows formatDownload all .ico files as zip file
Png Files :Download as Linux formatDownload all .png files as zip file
Icns Files :Download as Macintosh formatDownload all .icns files as zip file
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